Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Five Vices & Four Eras By Giani Sant Singh Maskeen


This book explains about the Five Vices and the Four Eras that make the readers aware of the advantages to go through this literary piece. The five vices are Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego. These vices are home to many human beings who may be of any religion or caste. One in need of ultimate ecstasy can take refuge through the verses given in the book. Similarly there are explanations in verse form to better explain the Four eras namely Golden Age (Sat Yug), Silver Age (Treta Yug), Brazen Age (Dwaper Yug) and Dark Age (Kal Yug). The transformation from one age to the other largely depended on the changes in human nature of how they deal with situations and not on the change in the position of sun as it was thought to be. The sun, moon therefore remain the same. 

This book has six topics including the four eras explained in details. The five vices are considered as evil for mankind and with the change of ages and the obstacles created in every age it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate and meditate. The religious aim as a result is not fulfilled. Giani Maskeen further made it clear that he wrote this book in order to transform these four evil vices and the eras with the intelligence he gained by reading Gurbani. Jaswant Singh, the translator of the book was lucky enough to listen Bhai Maskeen‘s discourses. “I had the opportunity to listen to his discourses at the annual Samagams at Alwar and also in the T. V. However I never thought that he will be called so soon by the Almighty. After his departure I came to realize his greatness in the Sikh world in particular and the world in general. In this connection his couplet given below is relevant:-

"Chiraage raah bana-ay gay ek din nakshay kadam mairay.
Abhi toe main gumrah maloom hota hun. "

Interpretation to this verse would go like this:-

“There will be light to show me the way but for now it seems I am ignorant.”

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