Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A History of the Sikhs-Volume 1

by Khushwant Singh

A comprehensive and authoritative work of one of our renowned writers Khushwant Singh can easily be interpreted by both scholarly and less scholarly people.  Based on Khushwant Singh’s stupendous archival research, the book covers this studious analysis in archives. Singh thoroughly covers the genesis and development of Sikhism and the Sikh community, up to and beyond ''Operation Blue Star'' when the Indian army entered the Golden Temple in 1984. The book covers the social, religious, and political situation influencing the formation of the Sikh faith in the fifteenth century.

Mr. Singh took his most valuable references based on the study of original documents in Gurmukhi, Persian, and English. The aftermath of “Operation Blue Star” to siege the pious and serene premise of the Golden temple was a spark to many grown aggression, The blame on the Union government for breach of trust and the Sikh struggle for the survival as a separate community led to the emergence of many voices who even demanded a separate country with the proposed name as Khalistan. This book is an anthology of events that best described the history of the Sikhs right from the day of inception to the present scenario. It took a period of ten years for the government and the Army to win back the confidence of the Sikh community. This book will take readers further into the journey of reintegration of the Sikhs as mainstream nationals. Download and read this story marking the resurgence of the Sikhs.

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