Monday, 28 January 2013

Bijay Singh- E-book at is the choice for many when it comes to enlightening minds with Sikh books depicting the Khalsa ideals, cultures and rich history. The website offers online Sikh books or in other words e-books that are easily accessible and readable free of cost. An easy download lets you access the literary true stories of Sikh historical period that saw many sacrifices and freedom struggle against lustful and barbaric Mughal emperors. ‘Bijay Singh’ was the first book published in the year 1899 and was a scholarly work of Padam Bhushan Bhai Vir Singhji.

Bhai Vir Singhji was as thorough religious person who succeeded to a large extent to inculcate within minds, the rich history of the Sikh community, the Sikh philosophy and sacrifice made by the gurus in Sikhism, panths and those who fought against religion conversions and freedom from tyrannical rulers especially the barbaric Mughals. The Sikh philosophy is all about keeping up with the Khalsa principles and to spread the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh. It is the growing unmindful attitude among the younger generation who is soon going into obliviousness of the rich Sikh heritage, culture and heroic deeds that encouraged Vir Singhji to create this authored version of the true story of heroic deed and sacrifice of Bijay Singh fighting all odds to save his brethren.

As words describe more and therefore this literary genius in the hands of many who want to get acquainted with this rich history highlighting the zeal, power and courage of the Sikhs to fight for their rights and freedom. This book depicts the struggle of Bijay Singh and his wife who gave their lives for their fellow men and women of faith. Bijay Singh was the son of Courtier Diwan Lakhpat Rai, who took Sikhism as his religion. Bijay Singh and others in his troop fought to end the tortures inflicted on innocent people of the Sikh community by the barbaric Nazir-ud-din, the governor of Jalandhar. The ending of the story is dramatic with Bijay Singh’s retrospection of the fact as recited by him in his painstaking moment, leading to his heavenly abode- "Blessed is the Lord of aigrette (Guru Gobind Singh) and blessed is the holy SANGAT (Holy Assembly) Blessed Blessed Blessed." brings it in an e-book form saved in PDF to better reach a larger virtual audience. This e-book is readily available free of cost with a downloadable link at

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