Friday, 25 March 2016

Guru Nanak Chamatkar- Part II
It is his extreme benevolent grace that he sent the reverend Guru to this world which is so full of sins and atrocities. ‘Guru Nanak Chamatkar’ is about the magic of the benign glory of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who always stressed on the path of righteousness and he made it very simple and stated that he who loved the lord deserves to meet him one day and get rid of all that is evil and ungodly. He said, ‘The true path towards meeting the Lord is 'Recitation of the Lord's Name with love'. There cannot be a path any simpler than this.

The book revolves around the miracle of preaching the "incessant recitation and remembrance
in the Lord's Name with love." He spoke and constantly brought into light the philosophy of receiving and feeling the incessant presence of the Lord which rises beyond the sphere and realm of time and when the mind becomes calm and thinks of the spiritual existence of the ultimate ‘Providence’ and enumerates through several anecdotes justifying the union between the human soul with the supreme soul.

Guru Nanak’s three marvel are the three aspects of the mind dealing with the past present and the future. We are dependent on the passage of time and with each passing of the valuable time we have things undergo a gradual change with present becoming our past and the future, our present. This is indeed a miracle of nature.

Guru Nanak Dev therefore influenced many minds and bestowed his graceful presence on earth to enlighten minds, preaching Odysseys throughout the world wherever he goes and also to our neighboring countries. He made constant efforts to show the miraculous existence of the Lord, within us and outside.

In the chapter on Guru Nanak Dev and Science, Bhai Sahib Dr. Vir Singh gave an account of how the world is a blend of the objective and the subjective science which we should look for in this world having dominance of the objective. The subjective part of the science is hidden within ourselves. We should not be bereft of the subjective and Guru Nanak Dev Ji gifted to humanity, the knowledge of the subjective science, the science of the soul and the life spark or fuel for eternal strength of the organs of the body.
The five spheres of the Body- 1. Sphere of duty or deeds. 2. Sphere of sensation. 3. Sphere of endeavor. 4. Sphere of Grace. 5. Sphere of Divine abode is elucidated clearly and precisely for the reader’s understanding.

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